Villa Panaka opens up and humbly admires the majestic St. Lawrence River nestled in its Charlevoix setting.

Its style is both modern, timeless, and contemporary, asserting its fluid horizontality framing the magnificent view of the river and the verticality of the surrounding mountains.

With its minimalist and streamlined design, healthy and durable materials, everything has been thought out in the smallest detail for the family, combining privacy and conviviality: large open and friendly common spaces on the ground floor, intimate family room/office upstairs for children or remote work, as well as its three bedrooms.

Its bright interior, entirely covered in wooden planks, transports us to a warm atmosphere with a unique character.

Passive solar, ecological, energy-efficient, with superior insulation, polished heated slab, and ecological materials, all efforts have focused on durability, comfort, health, and positive impact on the environment.

Photo credits: René Bouchard